About us

Our Family:

We are a synergy focused family, living in a suburb of Cleveland, with Lake Erie in distant view from our front door. The kids are cute and entertaining, Mother Mickie likes her kitchen, and Daddy John seems to always be inventing something in the garage. It never can be foretold on what project Dad will conjure up next... But for now Label Magic is the major attraction.

During the summer of 2016, Dad invited the kids to star in a TV commercial. Dad said, "I need you kids... come help me make a commercial, and I will build you a sandbox in the back yard". The kids dove-in the moment they heard the words 'sand box'; and with this it gave the children an earned sense of contribution while joining Dad on this venture.

Sharing Label Magic with the world is exciting to our family, but few things these days are more appreciated than to achieve moments of family congruency. Each time it gives us the ability to turn work into fun and enjoy the many unpredictable things that we keep finding in each other.


The Story of Label Magic:

A Father enamored by the richness of his little girl's sweet friendship is where the inspiration for Label Magic all began. This being the short & sweet version of this true story...

To add more color to this true time & place, picture a 2-year-old girl named Vivian who would make her father John smile & laugh throughout much of the day. This lively little girl was changing her father in many ways. The most obvious... time spent with Vivian was Dad's happiest time of day.

Each day Vivian & Dad shared lunchtime together. But just before lunchtime, if you were to peep in the windows, you might have found Dad standing in front of the refrigerator with the look of distress.

"When it comes to eating lunch"... Dad says... "I’d rather keep it simple, because there are so many amusing moments to enjoy besides cleaning up cookware." So naturally, Dad preferred playtime over cleaning up after cooking. He had a sort-of dedication for trying not to use many kitchen tools beyond plates n' cups. But too often, lunch wasn’t simple enough for Dad. Because at first, while standing in the glow of the open fridge, Dad was thankful at the sight of nutritious leftovers there for the reaching... then soon to follow this optimism would often dwindle quickly because unknown food ages were off limits. This was emotional for Dad, as he would not take any chances with feeding Vivian anything uncertain in age; forcing Dad into playing cook.

Loosing track of a food's age is unfortunate, but even more-so is to have this situation on constant repeat. When we lack confidence on the aging that goes on in our fridge, there is an increased likelihood for wasting food. That is because each time that we avoid unknown items, they are left to age even further, leading those items closer to becoming an unfortunate throw-away. To know food age with certainty, guarantees a positive effect on how well food gets used.

But even though Dad was fully aware that a little bit of confidence inside the fridge could often free him from his cooking chores, he wasn't all that settled with scribbling dates on food containers as new items entered the fridge; because he foresaw inconveniences when a time would come to remove the scribbles & stickers. Something easy was needed that would flow natural with each day. For now, Dad kept on finding himself in a pattern that avoided & wasted uncertain foods and then having to prepare fresh food.

Then one day at the start of lunchtime, this pattern of wastefulness reached its peak. Standing in front of the fridge, faced with the same frustrating scenario, Dad closed his eyes, leaned his forehead against the closed refrigerator door, then in a weary voice asked... “What is the fastest way that any label can be attached?”… This question was framed in such an open way, that in the next breath John surprised himself by being able to provide an interesting answer... With eyes still closed, he whispered ”Magnets are the fastest”.

While not yet fully seeing the potential, it was only when John opened his eyes that there happened to be a random refrigerator magnet positioned just one-inch from between his eyes. Then lifting his head from the fridge door he stepped back to soak up the optimism from this serendipitous moment. In that special second it was realized that refrigerator magnets could be used on the inside of the refrigerator too; and then getting to enjoy the Ultimate Convenience of speedy magnetic labels in perfect reach, ready to grab off the fridge door! This concept seemed almost too good, and exactly the type of efficiency that Dad had been hoping for.

Now inspired, Dad jumped on this challenge and before bedtime had already made a prototype. Weeks went by and the satisfaction from these little magnets kept proving time-and-again that obvious rewards are coming from this new confidence; enabling food to be used more efficiently, then which often freed up Dad’s cooking time & cleaning efforts too. These first prototypes were not made of materials designed to endure long term survival trials in the kitchen environment, and because Daddy John had experienced such a positive difference, these useful little magnets were destined to improve.

The next several months were spent trying to perfect his magnets for the kitchen environment. Fortunately John's mind was geared toward engineering, because it enabled him to give Label Magic an unexpected performance feature. Through experiments & research, precision planning & machining, a one-of-a-kind precision magnetizing device was built; which custom programs Label Magic with invisible precise mirrored magnetic bands. This being the technology that gives Label Magic its attractive feature for fast automatic alignment.

In all, Label Magic had been mindfully engineered to withstand the kitchen environment, tolerate constant re-use, and to take as little time as possible out of a person's day. With four years of testing thus far, the first set of production magnets are still looking & operating like new. The frustrating days over food age uncertainty are memories in fade, and confidence continues to be a delight each time opening the fridge. Now John & Mickie are delighted to share Label Magic with you & your family.



Magnets are already a standard refrigerator accessory; this system offers a fun way to use them to your benefit.  Soon you should experience that the Label Magic Labeling System has already paid for itself.  If you are not completely satisfied, please contact us to tell us why, and we will gladly offer you a refund.


Make life simple... Get Label Magic.