Dad's Inventions

"It's obvious that several of the projects I had taken on are far from typical.  Each of these rarities were inspired by a meaningful interest appropriate for the time in which the development took place.  Beyond the mechanics, a great deal of things can be learned about ones self when the mind is in a prolonged state of focus and struggle." - John N.


Pouring the Power of Light into Crosses

This unique device is able to make crosses using sunlight.  As the sun's rays shine through this device, the rays are bent, converging into an amplified radiance of light.  Small grains of glass are placed into this area of intense energy.  Each grain absorbs the energy causing the temperature to increase rapidly to several thousand degrees.  During the exposure, the light liquefies the grains; fusing them into a single piece of glass in the shape of a cross.  The project is named "Son Jewel - Crosses made from Light", and it is believed that these are the only crosses in the world to be made with the power of light.



The welcome mat that changes messages as you walk thru the doorway.



The Virtual Visit

In 2008, John Newland assembled and led a team of experts to collaborate, design, and present a new technology to Cisco Systems.  These efforts granted the concept a Semi-finalist position in the Cisco I-prize world-wide competition.  The entire competition included 824 ideas, from 2,900 participants, representing more than 156 countries.  The Virtual Visit finished within the top 32; still remaining as a concept.