Label Magic Demonstration


PERFECT for your Kitchen!

Simple set-up:

Pictures can be worth a thousand words. These 3 illustrations are showing-off on how the Label Magic setup is a breeze.  Even though incredibly simple, every package includes a User Guide, so to ensure everyone is maximizing this enjoyment.

Label Magic gives you full freedom to upgrade ANY food storage container.  This simple one-time PEEL & STICK set-up takes just seconds, then you're ready to enjoy the speed of magnetic labeling for years.  The dry tack adhesion is SAFE & GENTLE on all containers; non-marring is the solid promise!



    "CONFIDENCE is important in many respects...  When it comes to food, as the ages becomes uncertain, we'll begin to avoid such items.  Avoided items end up aging further, leading next to the unfortunate throw-away.  When you Feel Confident, you'll Feel the Savings!"

    "Designed to fit our active lives...  Label Magic makes it easy to integrate food confidence into our lives at the speed of seconds.  Food appears more appetizing, and food used more efficiently.  Get the most from your food investments.  Feel Confident & Feel the Savings!"



    The Story of Label Magic:

    A Father enamored by the richness of his little girl's sweet friendship is where the inspiration for Label Magic all began.  This being the short & sweet version of this true story...    Full Story Here



    Magnets are already a standard refrigerator accessory; this system offers a fun way to use them to your benefit.  Soon you should experience that the Label Magic Labeling System has already paid for itself.  If you are not completely satisfied, please contact us to tell us why, and we will gladly offer you a refund.