Rare Earth VARIETY Magnets - 12pk


Enjoy this variety pack of Hearts, Stars, and Crescents. Available in packs of 12:

  • 4 Hearts
  • 4 Stars
  • 4 Crescents

These specialty shaped neodymium magnets are all rare finds; as each were custom designed & privately produced for our collection. This lovely variety collection will give your refrigerator a clean elegant appearance, while proving to be useful.

Neodymium magnets are made of the strongest permanent magnetic material known. They are impressively strong for their size, and very effective at holding just about anything that you would want to display on your fridge. Every magnet is encased with a hard smooth nickle coating for years of durability, and measures 0.138 inches thick.


Neodymium Magnets are not for children. Please see our "Neodymium Magnet Safety Page" before ordering.

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