Perfect Banana Chrome Hook


The Perfect Banana Hook will hold your bananas securely, while giving you more counter space to enjoy. Designed like a niche tool, the Wedge & Slender profile makes this hook simple to use; while its visual craftsmanship brings more beauty to your kitchen... AND a lifetime of corrosion-free reliability is another beauty in itself. Go ahead, slide this smooth chrome hook between some bananas, and feel the bunch spread & nestle securely into the loop.

Hooks are precision formed & machined from solid steel; then plated with two layers of Nickel and a further third layer of CHROME for superior corrosion resistance.

GUARANTEED For LIFE to remain corrosion free, backed by our Free Replacement Guarantee.

Enjoy more bruise-free bananas AND more counter space by installing Perfect Banana Hook under your kitchen cupboard.

Install is easy quick. Simply dream of the best under-cupboard location to hang your bananas, pre-drill a 7/32 inch diameter starter hole, then screw in the hook until snug. Hooks measure 3.75 inches long.

The average American will eat on average 27 pounds of bananas each year. Now imagine your bananas... ...and finding many more perfect bananas. Perfect Banana Hook is a pay-for-itself must-have-upgrade for your kitchen. Enjoy!


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